Funded by the State of California and administered by the California Student Aid Commission, Cal Grants are one of the smartest ways to get cash for college.

Student Loans FAFSA

To get college grant and student loans submit the FAFSA

Many people believe that college scholarships are the solution for funding their college tuition. In reality, scholarships offer only a small percentage of college funding. The majority of financial aid, student grants and student loans are administered by the federal and state government. With the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, you may be entitled to get student loans to pay for your tuition fee, books and other college expenses.

At Calgrants, you may apply for need-based federal financial aid and student grants by filling out the FAFSA. The most exciting part of this college grant is, you do not need to pay the grant money back to the institution. Just fill out the FAFSA online and apply for the student grants you are eligible for.

Filling out the FAFSA online has many advantages. First, the online form takes just two weeks to process, while the paper form is processed in four weeks. Second, the online FAFSA form will check your responses and will not allow you to submit the application with mistakes. On the other hand, in paper form, it will take weeks to check and then take another couple of weeks to return the incorrectly submitted application, which involves a great amount of time and effort. Finally, when you file the FAFSA online, the form automatically generates an estimate of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). You will not receive these advantages in filling out the paper application.

As per the information submitted through FAFSA, the U.S. Department of Education decides the amount of financial aid and grants you should receive and notifies your school. Your university will send immediate information about your federal aid as well as any other college scholarships and grants you received.

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